Monuments Historiques - ANTIQUES AVENUE

Welcome to our lavishly Illustrated Online Catalog of Fine Quality English Antique Furniture, Decorative Antiques, Antique Clocks and Fine Art available from established English Antique Furniture Shops and Dealers who specialise only in monuments historiques from the 17th through 19th centuries, especially the Regency, Georgian, Queen Anne and Victorian periods.

Welcome to Antiques Avenue, a lavishly illustrated online catalog of fine English antique furniture from a number of well established antiques dealers and shops in the region of the southern part of the United Kingdom. Our antique dealers and shops specialise only in high quality English antique furniture from the 17th through 19th centuries, especially from the Georgian, Regency through later Victorian periods.

The antique furniture of this period is made of the finest timber that was available at the time, mainly mahogany, oak, and from the large stock that is offered for sale from the antique dealers and shops with whom we deal we select only the finest pieces of English antique furniture to show you on this website.

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